What We Teach

Dynamic Recruitment

Phired Up Productions teaches an in-depth recruitment system for fraternities and sororities called Dynamic Recruitment. This system is based on meaningful interpersonal relationship building, the power of a small group of committed members, bold communication of organizational values and related measurable standards, and the power of a network.

Social Excellence

Social Excellence increases the social confidence of organizational members, and prepares them with the skills that are not only necessary for recruitment success, but also for success in college, business, relationships, and life.

Retention and Engagement

Through years of research, Phired Up has developed a system for keeping (and keeping engaged) the members that your chapters work so hard to recruit.  Focused on relationships and purposeful connection, Phired Up's "Retained and Engaged" message is delivered to fraternities and sororities through Keynote & Training Workshops, through coaching partnerships, and through our Online Classroom.

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