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Vince Fabra Celebrated as He Moves From “Phamily Man” to “Family Man”


Contact: Jessica Gendron Williams

Carmel, Ind. – Vince Fabra’s impact as a trainer in the fraternity and sorority industry has been felt by thousands of college students during his seven years working with Phired Up. Vince’s programs are special, funny, and for many, life-changing, and as he moves on to the next step in his career, Phired Up is proud to celebrate Vince for all that he has done for our team and for the fraternity and sorority industry.

Beginning in July, Vince will turn his attention toward new focus areas, including stand-up comedy, recording his podcast, and speaking to college students about new topics. Most importantly, Vince will also be enjoying a stint as a stay-at-home dad to his newborn daughter, Hattye Wren Fabra, who was born on April 3, 2017.

When reflecting on his impact on fraternity men across the country, Vince said, “It truly has been an honor helping the fraternity chapters of America grow in both quantity and quality. My relationship with fraternity men has changed and evolved over the past seven years, and I believe our best days are still ahead of us. I'm proud of the work I've done with Phired Up to help make that happen."

Vince, who joined the Phired Up team in August of 2010, has been an integral component to the Phired Up team dynamic and has brought fun and joy to the hundreds of audiences he has worked with during his time as a trainer. "When I think of what Vince brought to our company, his audiences, and our friendship... it's love. He just loves on people. And that love is such a beautiful example of what it should look like to be a fraternity man," said Matt Mattson, co-owner of Phired Up. 

"He brought immeasurable fun, depth, curiosity, and many moments of absurdity to our company culture. His little girl has one amazing daddy, and we were lucky to have Vince as our co-worker for the past 7 years," added Josh Orendi, Phired Up's other co-owner. 

"Vince gave so much to his audiences, his clients, and more than anything, our team. He breathed life, laughter, and love into every moment and every environment. You can't spend almost 7 years with someone or with some company and not be changed," said Phired Up's CEO, Jessica Gendron Williams. "To say that Phired Up is better because of Vince would be an understatement - he's sprinkled his magic on us for seven years. It's hard to say 'goodbye' to someone like that, but we're excited for him and what's next."

"My time with Phired Up constantly challenged me to revisit my thoughts on relationships. After seven years of developing and delivering curriculum that focuses on how handshakes can change the world, I can confidently say that I've learned just as much as I have taught,” said Vince. “My time with Phired Up has made me a better friend, husband and father, and I am tremendously grateful for the love shared and friendships made with my Phired Up 'Phamily'."

The entire Phired Up “Phamily” wishes to sincerely congratulate Vince on the incredible work he’s done over the past seven years as he moves on from our staff. Please join us in thanking Vince for all that he has contributed toward shaping the growth of fraternity across North America!

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