Values-Based Recruitment: Panhellenics & Recruitment Counselors


iValU/weValU (click here for more)

iValU and weValU are values-based selection programs that help chapters or PNMs identify what they are looking for in recruitment and how to find it.

Recruitment Counselor Manual (click here for more)

Recruitment Counselors are the most important component in achieving Values-Based Recruitment. This product allows you to RECRUIT, SELECT and TRAIN high quality Recruitment Counselors using your communities values.

Community-Wide Programming (click here for more)

Work with a Phired Up Trainer to build custom onsite values-based recruitment programming for your community. A Phired Up Recruitment expert will come to your campus and provide dynamic and engaging curriculum to help your community understand what values-based recruitment ACTUALLY is and how to make the change.

Community Coaching

Making the shift to values-based recruitment takes years to achieve. You need an expert on your team to help guide you through that process - long-term. You can have a Phired Up Recruitment expert working alongside and coaching your Panhellenic to incrementally make the changes over time. A three-year minimum commitment is recommended. Contact KJ for more info.


Are you attending AFLV, SEPC, or NGLA? Sit down FOR FREE with a Phired Up Recruitment Expert to learn about how you can begin to shift to Values-Based Recruitment. Not going to one of these conferences? Contact our team and set up a call. We want to help!

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