This webinar series includes five webinars. Our Sorority Recruitment Experts have assembled some of our best tips, tools, and techniques into a format you can use to train the women in your chapter! Read more below to learn about each of our five webinars:

Taking Relationships to the Next Level in Recruitment

We spend all semester getting to know freshman women. But now it’s recruitment time, and we need to take those relationships to the next level. We need to teach our members how to have intentional conversations that have a deeper meaning. In this webinar, we will talk about the fundamentals of how women build relationships, and what is important to keep in mind when building these relationships in recruitment.

Recruitment Workshops 

It's normal to want to keep recruitment on our chapter’s mind, but we don’t always have time to have extensive recruitment workshops. How do we break up our recruitment practices in a way that is easily understandable? Practicing conversations, building sisterhood, understanding logistics, and voting of each party and each round of recruitment are all really important things to consider when doing recruitment training with your chapter. This webinar will talk about those components and how to implement them, while also providing some best practices that we have seen across the country.

Seeing Past the Frills

Implementing a ‘No Frills Recruitment’ and transitioning to a Values-Based Recruitment can be challenging. We have grown accustomed to so many of these frilly aspects of recruitment, but we don’t always stop to think critically about what these frills we spend so much time actually contribute to recruitment. If we want to retain women within our organizations, we have to present the most authentic form of our chapter. In this webinar, we will analyze the frills of our recruitment process, how to determine what is the best representation of our chapter’s values, and how to improve the ways we talk about our organization.

Sorority – A Place of Belonging 

Fundamentally as humans, we all want to belong and so often women join a sorority in deferred recruitment to find their own place to belong. But sadly, we have created this expectation that belonging is instantaneous. We don’t tell them that sisterhood and true belonging takes work. Sometimes it can be messy and challenging, but the reward is always worth it. In this webinar, we will talk about how to better understand sisterhood, the way belonging impacts our sisterhood and our chapter, and strategies on how to create more opportunities for our new members to get to a place of belonging within our chapter.

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