Social Excellence

Social Excellence [n]: A state of perpetual generosity, curiosity, positivity, and openness to limitless possibility. A desire to intentionally connect with others. The ability to engage in deep, meaningful conversation. Acting in a responsible and respectable manner with high expectations of others. Being authentic and living everyday with integrity as the best version of oneself. Being confident and vulnerable. Being fun and compassionate. Being open, kind, and bold. The highest level of societal participation and contribution.

Social Excellence increases the social confidence of organizational members, and prepares them with the skills that are not only necessary for recruitment success, but also for success in college, business, relationships, and life.

Handshakes Lead to Conversations.
Conversations Lead to Relationships.
Relationships Lead to Collaboration.
Collaboration Leads to Organization.
Organizations Change The World.

Social Excellence helps members realize the power of human connection to gather people together and make the world a better place.

Be Social. Be Excellent. 

Learn more about Social Excellence by checking out the book, or by downloading this.

Learn more about our "sister" company, The Social Excellence Project (for our non-fraternity/sorority friends).


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