Retention and Engagement

It has been anecdotally reported that as many as 1 in 5 students QUIT fraternity and sorority each year. As a fraternity/sorority leader, you know from experience that far more than that become disengaged or completely disappear before graduate. Retaining  the best of the best of our fraternity/sorority members is a major challenge that requires thoughtful, intentional, and educated effort.  

Through years of research, Phired Up has developed a system for keeping (and keeping engaged) the members that your chapters work so hard to recruit.  Focused on relationships and purposeful connection, Phired Up's "Retained and Engaged" message is delivered to fraternities and sororities through Keynote & Training Workshops, through coaching partnerships, and through our Online Classroom. 

While the educational messages that Phired Up shares with Greeks about retaining and engaging members throughout their collegiate experience are deep and nuanced, these six points provide a snapshot of some of the more powerful lessons. 

1. Expectations - Many former members report leaving because of unmet or misunderstood expectations of membership.
2. People - Almost all membership attrition is due to a lack in emotionally solid relationships.
3. Purpose - Connecting an individual's values to the true purpose of the organization is paramount for member retention and engagement.
4. You Matter - Chapters just made of new member classes, officers, and sub-groups -- they're made of individuals who require love and care.
5. Learning & Growing - Members must constantly have ways to learn and grow from the fraternal experience.
6. Repeat - A repeatable, optimized system for retention and engagement should be a top priority for fraternities and sororities.

Learn more by reading this article (with video).


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