Phired Up is proud to offer a variety of research deliverables for our industry partners and clients. Our dedicated team of research and recruitment experts can help you find the answers to any questions you have, and provide you with the data you need to back your answers up. See below for a menu of your research deliverables, and contact Erin Chatten, Research Director, with questions or inquiries. Want more details, including deliverables, types of questions asked, and cost? Click here!

  • Membership Retention Study
  • Potential New Member Recruitment Assessment
  • Headquarters New Member Assessment
  • Growth Study
  • Headquarters Expansion/Extension Assessment
  • Chapter Recruitment Assessment
  • Staff/Volunteer Needs Assessment
  • Membership Experience Survey
  • Customized Research Solutions

Membership Retention Study 

Why do people join your organization? Why do they stay? Why do they leave? Our research department uses validated methods to research and understand the real reasons for issues surrounding membership retention. This study will provide data driven solutions and training to your community/ chapters on how to keep your membership and keep them engaged.

Potential New Member Recruitment Assessment 

There is much to be learned from a potential member as they navigate the process of recruitment into membership in an organization. How did they make the choice to join? What was the recruitment experience like and why did they decide on their selected organization? This project offers the option of three assessments: pre-recruitment, post-recruitment, and one year after recruitment to understand the joining and membership processes.  

Headquarters New Member Assessment  

Want to collect data on new members that just joined your organization? Let us help! Our research department will create a new member survey with customizable questions for you to assess their recruitment experience. 

Growth Study 

How has membership grown and changed over the years on your campus, in your chapter, or in your national organization? By analyzing growth and changes every year, we can identify the changes and trends in the growth of your community or organization. This 5-year recommended study will compare results to previous years in a written report and distance consultation meeting annually.   

Headquarters Expansion/Extension Assessment  

Why do some campuses choose you for extension/expansion and others don’t? Let our industry experts review your materials and coach you as to how to make the right presentations to the right campuses in the right way. 

Chapter Recruitment Assessment

Is your chapter, community, or national organization recruiting to your full potential? Are you falling closer to hosting a static or dynamic recruitment experience? By surveying current and new members at the conclusion of your recruitment, we can help identify what your chapter can be doing to improve your recruitment practices in real sustainable ways.   

Staff/Volunteer Needs Assessment

How are you recruiting and retaining your staff and volunteer force? Are the right people in the right place for the right job?  Want to uncover what your organization’s staff and volunteers need to increase their effectiveness and satisfaction? We can answer these question using customized methods geared toward your needs to help your organization reach it’s full potential.

Membership Experience Survey  

What is the experience of your collegiate and alumni membership?This survey is the foundational piece of an extensive study that evaluates the current pulse of the membership in an inter/national organization or on a campus. 

Customized Research Solutions  

Is there a question you need answered? Do you need help with a specific area of your organization? If it has to do with the fraternity/ sorority experience or group growth we can probably answer it. Give us a ring or send us an email to Erin@PhiredUp.com!

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