Phired Up's messages are backed up by intelligent, creative, and groundbreaking research about why people join and why people stay in fraternities and sororities. We are proud to be leading the movement by conducting insightful research that is shaping the future of the fraternity/sorority world.

 Phired Up's Research Department can help you understand how to grow the quantity of quality members involved in your organization/community.  We ask the right questions to get the right people involved in your purpose.  

 Membership organizations are made of two things: people and purpose.  Your organization’s purpose is up to you, but helping you drive a high quantity of high quality people to that purpose is what Phired Up is for.  Many organizations have significant potential for growth, but lack an understanding of their current membership profile, their system for attracting and retaining the best members, and their pool of potential members. Phired Up wants to help you conduct research on your community/organization.

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