Dynamic Recruitment Counselors (The Guide)

Recruitment Counselors are THE MOST important leadership position in the sorority community. The most important position should have the most exclusive recruitment and selection and the highest-level training of any leadership position.

With Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Counselors Guide (RC Guide), your community will have a world class resource to learn how to recruit, select and train the highest quality women on your campus to be amazing Recruitment Counselors for your PNMs. Plus, Phired Up's RC Guide helps communities adopt a more values-based recruitment process all around.

Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Counselors Guide Includes 5 sections:

  1. RECRUITING Recruitment Counselors
  2. SELECTING Recruitment Counselors
  3. TRAINING Recruitment Counselors
  4. PUTTING IT TO WORK: Sorority recruitment and your Recruitment Counselors
  5. SETTING IT UP FOR NEXT YEAR: Using Recruitment Counselors year round

In these sections you will find almost 300 pages (plus a couple videos) of ideas and best practices to promote the RC position, a sample RC application interview & grading rubric, an eight week training schedule (including a full retreat schedule), daily checklists for the week of recruitment, and ways to continue to use your Recruitment Counselors to retain members in our community.

COST: $750 (includes access to the online recruitment guide, including intro videos and full license to use and print all resources for an entire school year)

To Purchase: KJ McNamara is the go-to person on the Phired Up team to help you get the Phired Up Dynamic Recruitment Counselors Guide for your community. E-mail her at KJ@PhiredUp.com or call her at (360) 731-5653.


  • Recruitment Counselor Training Guide

    Recruitment Counselor Training Guide

    Online Learning

    Recruitment Counselors are THE MOST important leadership position in the sorority community. The most important position should have the most exclusive recruitment and selection an… $750.00

“Last year, our Panhellenic utilized the Phired Up Recruitment Counselor tips and materials into our Recruitment Counselor training program. The effectiveness of this curriculum blew us away! Throughout the week of recruitment, our Recruitment Counselors were able to more easily identify which methods (counseling vs. coaching) they should use in each PNM relationship. Our Recruitment Counselors reported feeling more confident throughout the week, which directly impacted their overall effectiveness. At the end of recruitment we noticed that 93% of our PNMs attended every event/party that week! The statistics proved that this was directly correlated to our revised Recruitment Counselor training program from Phired Up.” -Alexis Hurdle, Arkansas State University

“Phired Up's Rho Gamma [Recruitment Counselor] guide truly transformed Washington State University’s retreat experience! Our Rho Gamma’s are more prepared, enthusiastic & are able to identify the influential role than ever before.” -Alexa David, Washington State University

“What I love most about the Recruitment Counselor selection and training process from Phired Up is how I see it advancing our entire Panhellenic community! In just one year, we saw this position transition into a leadership role that, during our second year selections, resulted in chapter members now recognizing it as a well-respected and competitive opportunity. More bids were offered in our first year of the program than ever before and we know we kept more potential new members in the recruitment process because of our well-trained recruitment counselors. I recommend the Phired Up Recruitment Counselor curriculum to anyone ready to make positive changes to their community through Panhellenic recruitment.” -Carli Mercer, Arizona State University


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