Values-Based Recruitment: Fraternity PNMs (Potential New Members)

iValU (click for more)

This workshop (facilitated by fraternity officers) is specifically designed to help a potential new member identify his values, apply those values to what he is looking for in a fraternity, and helps him reflect on why he wants to be in a fraternity and the person he wants to become as a results.

Programming (click for more)

Most potential members have little to no education prior to going through recruitment with the exception of a whatever they can find in a Google search. That’s scary. Work with a Phired Up Trainer to build custom onsite values-based recruitment programming for your Potential Members. A Phired Up Recruitment expert will come to your campus and provide dynamic and engaging curriculum to help your PNMs understand what fraternity is and how to find the fraternity that is right for them.

Custom Educational Videos (Coming Soon)

Want to provide training or educational resources to your PNMs from the moment they submit their registration? Want to make sure they are hearing about values-based recruitment from the beginning - and not just stereotypes and rumors? Phired Up Experts can create custom educational videos for your potential members to send the right message from the moment they register for recruitment (and even before).

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