Phired Up Welcomes Matt Farrell


CONTACT: Branden Stewart

Carmel, Ind. --- Phired Up Productions is excited to announce that Matt Farrell is joining the staff team as an Education & Training Director. Farrell will help to lead the delivery and creation of Phired Up’s world-class fraternity and sorority growth education, specifically focusing on the new member experience - from bid acceptance to initiation.

As part of the Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) staff for over three years, Farrell served first as a Leadership Consultant before assuming the role of Director of Expansion. In this position, he led FIJI’s colonization efforts at 16 North American campuses, which directly resulted in recruiting nearly 600 founding fathers. Farrell also set in place the fraternity’s future vision for growth, lining up 10 future expansions for coming years following his departure. As part of his leadership in expansion at FIJI, Farrell spearheaded a diversity and inclusion focus, particularly focusing on the recruitment and retention of international students.

“Adding Matt and his incredible knowledge and experience with recruitment and expansion is an exciting moment for Phired Up,” said Jessica Gendron Williams, CEO. “We know that his creativity will help us continue to create innovative and cutting-edge programs and products for our clients. More importantly, Matt will be a key player as we intentionally expand our reach as a company. We’ve always defined recruitment as ending at bid day, but we believe that we need to start thinking about recruitment as ending at initiation. Matt will be a big part of helping us define, build resources, and expand how we support our clients in growth through the initiation of our members.”

Farrell is a two-time graduate of the University of Connecticut, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Education and his Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. While at UConn Farrell joined Phi Gamma Delta and was a student athlete tutor for the Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletics. When he’s not working, he enjoys college football, music, and exploring America’s national parks.

“Over the past 15 years Phired Up has led an industry-wide reform in recruitment, and I’m excited to help create a similar and critical reform in the new member education process” said Farrell when asked about joining the Phired Up team. “I am eager to work with students, staff and advisors across the country to build a proactive approach to new member experience.”

Farrell’s first day with Phired Up is November 20, 2017 and he can be reached at the following:

Cell: 860.652.5474



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