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Phired Up Congratulates Taylor Deer on Career Transition


Contact: Jessica Gendron Williams

Carmel, Ind. – Taylor Deer has been an incredible catalyst for change in the fraternity and sorority industry since joining the Phired Up “phamily” in 2013. Audiences across North America have experienced his thought-provoking, witty, and insightful training during the last three and a half years, and his impact is far-reaching. This week, Phired Up celebrates Taylor for all that he has contributed as a friend and colleague on our team, and as a speaker and thought-leader within our industry.

This month, Taylor is beginning a new career as a boxing coach in the greater Indianapolis area. When he moved to Indiana to begin working for Phired Up, he remembered how much he enjoyed boxing with his friends in a garage over summer breaks in college. After finding a local gym, he fell in love with the sport and began competing over the next two years. Taylor will focus most of his energy in the boxing gym, but his passion for fraternity remains – he will continue to serve as a speaker for Phired Up on a part-time basis.

“Last summer, I was given the chance to run the boxing program out of the Sparta Training Academy in Fishers, IN,” said Taylor. “Soon I realized that I really enjoyed coaching and mentoring through boxing, and developed a new dream of becoming a boxing coach. Of course I’m sad to leave, but how sad could I be knowing I’m leaving my dream job for another dream job? This one just has a bit more punching involved!”

As part of Phired Up’s team, Taylor traveled the country spreading our Dynamic Recruitment and Social Excellence messages. He’s worked with countless fraternity communities helping them develop the systems and skills to recruit a higher quantity of higher quality members. Taylor has also contributed some of our most popular blog posts of all-time, helping to share his thoughts and knowledge with fraternity and sorority student leaders and professionals nationwide.

Jessica Gendron Williams, Phired Up’s CEO, said: “Taylor leaving fills me with mixed emotions. Taylor was a creative spark on our team - and he brought unique and challenging ideas to the group that made us better as people and a company. There’s no doubt he’ll leave a hole. On the other hand, I couldn’t be more excited and proud of what Taylor is doing. He’s found something he’s even more passionate about - and he’s chasing it. He’s changing young lives through his coaching and mentorship - and it’s been an honor to encourage that discovery. So, while I am terribly sad he’s leaving - I am incredibly excited for his next adventure. We’re so proud of you Taylor!"

Whenever a Phired Up team member leaves, it is always a bittersweet moment for our phamily. Phired Up is tremendously grateful for all that Taylor has offered our team and our customers during the last three and a half years, and we look forward to seeing the amazing work he will do in the boxing community moving forward.

Please join us in wishing Taylor sincere congratulations as we celebrate his next adventure, and look back fondly on the amazing work he’s done to further our mission.

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