Leadership Change at Phired Up


Contact: Matt Mattson

Carmel, IN -- Jessica Gendron Williams will end her tenure on the Phired Up, TechniPhi, Innova Marketing, and Social Excellence Project teams on October 5th, 2018. Jessica served Phired Up for over 11 years and has been the CEO of the companies since 2013. 

The company will be led by a veteran team of senior level staff that includes Woody Woodcock, Ellen Chesnut, and Branden Stewart working alongside owners Josh Orendi and Matt Mattson. Mattson will assume the role of President of the companies beginning immediately. 

"Jessica has been a gift to the fraternity and sorority industry for over a decade. The impact she's made has been extraordinary, and I'm sure she'll continue to serve the fraternal cause in meaningful ways," said Josh Orendi who is co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of the family of companies. "She has shaped the minds, hearts, and organizations of our industry. She has cared intensely and worked tirelessly. I am truly grateful for all she's done for our cause and for our team."

Later this year, Jessica will receive the prestigious Jack L. Anson Award from the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors which recognizes extraordinary contributions to the field. She co-authored two books that have been widely read throughout the industry, she crafted powerful educational curriculum, she delivered unforgettable talks and trainings, she traveled intensely out of a passion for the fraternity/sorority experience and a deep desire to uplift the young men and women that our organizations impact. This only scrapes the surface of the ways Jessica has contributed to the fraternity/sorority world.

"There's no way to put into words, especially via press release, what Jessica has meant to me, to our team, and to our work," said Matt Mattson. "She guided our company with care and love. I'll forever be grateful."

Orendi added, "Jessica has been thoughtfully transitioning leadership responsibility and client care to the rest of our staff. She has continued to serve our clients with integrity and she has continued to lead our team with poise."

Mattson continued, "Our company is turning a page right now. We know our industry needs a renewed commitment to creating the future of fraternity and sorority by transforming the way people join. Our team is ready to make that commitment. We need to strategically reshape our company's offerings and our structure to serve our clients and our mission in a refreshed way. We have a fantastic team of respected veteran leaders, Josh and I are fully committed to this work, and we have a staff that is outrageously talented."

The Phired Up team is excited to celebrate Jessica as she receives the Anson Award at the upcoming AFA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. "We will continue to celebrate her contributions to our industry and cherish our friendships with her as she transitions to future endeavors," Mattson added.

The new leadership structure of the companies includes: 

Matt Mattson, co-Founder and President 

Josh Orendi, co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Branden Stewart, Chief Operations Officer

Ellen Chesnut, Vice President

Woody Woodcock, Vice President

Questions and inquiries about how Phired Up's family of companies can help make fraternities and sororities safer, healthier, and stronger by transforming the way people join can be directed to any of the leaders listed in this release. "I'd like to personally invite our industry friends and partners to reach out to me via phone, e-mail, or text to talk in the next few weeks," said Matt Mattson [Matt@PhiredUp.com or 630-965-1779]. "It's time to have the big conversations about the future of fraternity and sorority. We have a lot of work to do, and a lot of young men and women deserve and desire the life-changing gift of our organizations."

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