Fraternity Webinar Series

This webinar series includes six webinars (for the price of 5!). Our Fraternity Recruitment Experts have assembled some of our best tips, tools, and techniques into a format you can use to train your recruitment team, alumni, new members, or your entire chapter! Read more below to learn about each of our six webinars:

Meeting Non-Greek Men

Our success in recruitment comes down to our ability to build meaningful and valuable relationships with potential members. The first step towards this success is to simply meet more people and introduce ourselves more often. That may seem scary, but by doing so we give ourselves the chance to create new relationships that are necessary to achieve the level of success you and your organization are looking for. Although there are countless ways to meet new people, this webinar focuses on some of Phired Up’s favorite and most successful techniques to meet more unaffiliated men on your campus!

Good Recruitment Conversations

In order to be more successful in recruitment, we must realize one thing: Fraternity recruitment is a relationship business! But, where do great relationships start? They start by having great conversations. As fraternity men, it is essential that we practice conversation skills in order to achieve our maximum potential when it comes to growing our organizations. In this webinar, we share with you some of our proven practices and tips to have better recruitment conversations and to build more meaningful relationships in the process!

Closing the Deal

Asking someone to be a part of your organization is a pretty serious question! It can also be a very important moment in the success of your organization’s recruitment. If you have ever wanted to see your chapter have 100% bid acceptance, you should know it all starts by asking the right questions. More importantly, it is our duty as fraternity men to make sure these potential members are not only making the best decision by choosing to join a fraternity, but to also have any questions and concerns about membership answered in a productive and positive way before joining. In this webinar, we share the best responses to the most common and difficult concerns potential members have, while also helping you ensure 100% bid acceptance!

Selecting High Quality Men

This year alone, 100,000 men will join a fraternity on campuses all across North America. It is our goal to help ensure that you’re able to recruit the highest quantity of the highest quality men to join your fraternity. This webinar provides the tools you must have to be selective in recruiting the highest quality men on campus while identifying and utilizing the values that are at the core of your organization.

Building A Successful Recruitment Plan

Fraternity recruitment can seem like a pretty daunting, and oftentimes expensive, task. However, it doesn’t have to be. We want to share the best practices we have found to make recruitment a little less scary and costly, and a lot more fun! In this webinar, we share tips and tools from our many years of recruiting on countless campuses from coast to coast. Let’s take back the word recruitment and have a great time, while also growing your organization the right way!  


Dynamic recruitment begins and ends with a names list. Every interaction in the recruitment process should help to move names onto and off of your list. When it comes to maintaining a names list, you should know that spreadsheets are dead! If you are tired of spending hours logging information about potential members into Excel or Google Docs, or if you want to support your chapter’s recruitment process with the latest technology, then look no further. In this webinar, we share the best practices on how to utilize ChapterBuilder as the most modern recruitment technology for fraternities to support the growth and development of their organization.

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