Dynamic Recruitment

Phired Up Productions teaches an in-depth recruitment system for fraternities and sororities called Dynamic Recruitment. This system is based on meaningful interpersonal relationship building, the power of a small group of committed members, bold communication of organizational values and related measurable standards, and the power of a network.

Since 2002, Phired Up has researched, taught, written about, tested, executed, and evaluated this recruitment methodology. IT WORKS. Hundreds of campuses, dozens of international fraternities and sororities, and tens of thousands of members have learned about Dynamic Recruitment and put it to use to increase the quantity of quality people in their organization.

Dynamic Recruitment is an active approach to building meaningful relationships with non-Greek students. Chapters that do Dynamic Recruitment continually build their network of non-Greek friends using optimized strategies for meeting new people, and they track their growing network utilizing a standardized Phired Up Names List. The Dynamic Recruitment process continues with systematic relationship-building through "small, normal, friendship activities" as opposed to just big recruitment events. Prospects are vetted for their level of qualification using an objective Values Based Selection Process. The Dynamic Recruitment chapter is guaranteed 100% bid acceptance because it always "Pre-Closes" prospects. The system repeats every year guaranteeing the highest quantity of high quality members for the chapter.

To gain a better understanding of the philosophy behind Dynamic Recruitment (and Social Excellence), download this.

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