Annual Fraternity/Sorority "Campus Growth Survey" Released All Campus Advisors Asked To Participate

 Dr. Colleen Coffey-Melchiorre


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Did you know that...

47% of campuses support open, year round recruitment for IFC groups. 

About 76% of campuses allow for time in new student orientation for new students to be educated about fraternity and sorority life, and about 55% of campuses also educate parents. 

76% of campuses are using fully-structured recruitment for NPC groups, most of whom recruit in the Fall semester. 

Approximately 40% of campuses are open for IFC expansion, 24% open for NPC expansion, and 46% open for NPHC expansion. For MGC groups, 39% are open and 25% and 30% respectively are open for NAPA and NALFO expansion. 

We know about these trends (and LOTS MORE) in fraternal growth because of YOU. 

The 3rd annual (2014 edition) of the CAMPUS GROWTH SURVEY is officially released! This is a call to all fraternity/sorority campus professionals to participate in the survey to advance the fraternal movement. 

For the last two years, Phired Up Productions has hosted this major annual research project to gain real data-based insight into how North American fraternities and sororities attract members.

The first two years have provided good baseline data, and with even more participation expected this year, Phired Up hopes to continue sharing findings about growth trends, best practices, and opportunities for further growth of the fraternal movement. Phired Up’s Director of Research, Dr. Colleen Melchiorre said, “We received important feedback last year about survey usability, particularly as it relates to defining groups. We did our best this year to make the survey more user-friendly so the data we share can be more easily applied.”

The CAMPUS GROWTH SURVEY seeks to provide baseline data to professionals everywhere regarding:   

  • Fraternity/sorority community sizes, council sizes, chapter sizes, etc.
  • Trends in membership
  • Norms related to formal and informal recruitment/intake practices
  • Expansion/extension opportunities to allow for collaborative conversations
  • Staffing norms 

This year, Phired Up is asking it's campus-based fraternal partners to complete the survey again. "I love the Campus Growth Survey, mostly because of how it helps professionals. As a result of this survey, we have worked with several campuses to encourage extension/expansion, more staffing, and better policies regarding community growth," said Melchiorre. 

In the survey’s inaugural year, Phired Up's co-founder Josh Orendi said, "Our industry's most important information -- how we attract members -- is mostly unknown. We simply MUST know cumulative data on growth trends, practices, policies, and results across North America to effectively advance the fraternal movement. We decided that it is no longer acceptable for the stakeholders in the fraternity/sorority world to not know basic information about how, where, and when we grow. We're going to find out that information and do our best to help the industry with it."

The company is requesting ONE representative from EVERY CAMPUS IN NORTH AMERICA WITH A FRATERNITY/SORORITY COMMUNITY to complete the survey.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please prepare at least 30 minutes to fill out the survey. The survey asks about chapter sizes, community size, new member classes, recruitment policies and practices, as well as information about your community as a whole. To get a preview of the survey (so that you can gather information before filling it out), click 
herePlease take the survey by July 1st  by going to this link.  Note that if you are moving to a new community, it is important to communicate your participation in the survey to your predecessor, we are always happy to check if your community has completed the survey. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions, comments or concerns. Contact: Dr. Colleen Coffey-Melchiorre

Note: Find the 2013 report 
here and the 2012 report here.

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