Phired Up Purchases Innova and CampusDirector, Forms TechniPhi - 3 Companies To Grow Greek Life




Contact: Jessica Gendron Williams

Phired Up Purchases Innova and CampusDirector, Forms TechniPhi - 3 Companies To Grow Greek Life

Carmel, In -- Phired Up Productions announced a new family of three companies focused on growing the fraternity/sorority movement. The three companies will work together to provide EDUCATION, MARKETING, and TECHNOLOGY solutions specifically built for the fraternity sorority industry. To make this new level of full-service growth support possible, Phired Up's ownership purchased the marketing company Innova, along with the recruitment software CampusDirector, from Sigler, Inc. on October 31st.

Jessica Gendron Williams, now CEO of all three companies, explained, "At Phired Up, our Reason for Being is simple: We exist to help fraternities and sororities find more people, and to help more people find fraternities and sororities. The way we've achieved our Reason for Being since 2002 has been to teach, coach, and write about how fraternities and sororities can recruit and retain more high quality people through a values-centered, research-based, relationship-focused approach. We love the work we do, and we've always believed that we can do more. We’ve believed that education, coaching, and research are not the ONLY ways to help Grow Greek Life.

"So, on October 31st, Phired Up Productions purchased Innova and CampusDirector to help us achieve our mission in even greater ways. This made Innova and CampusDirector important parts of a family of three separate companies that will work together to grow Greek Life."

The separate companies are organized as follows:

: Marketing solutions to help fraternities and sororities grow.
TechniPhi: Technology solutions to help fraternities and sororities grow.
Phired Up: Education, coaching, and research solutions to help fraternities and sororities grow.

The "family of companies" (or "Phamily" of companies as it is referred to by the Phired Up team) will be owned and led by the same people (Jessica Gendron Williams, CEO; Josh Orendi and Matt Mattson, Owners) and have a shared Reason for Being, shared core values, and a shared philosophy on growth.

Gendron Williams explained that staff will stay stable, that product offerings will only improve, and that innovation and improvement are already happening, "There are two people who have been working hard for years to serve Innova and CampusDirector clients," said Gendron Williams. "Ellen Chesnut and Megan Koontz will continue to work with our clients and partners as key members of our team to provide relationship-based, growth-focused, data-driven marketing solutions along with an improving and growing CampusDirector recruitment tool. We are excited to take their more than a decade of experience, combine it with our knowledge of how to grow the movement, and help our clients get results."

Earlier this year, Phired Up formed TechniPhi, which has been operating quietly under the radar while it develops and tests a new piece of recruitment technology that will be launched publicly next year. Over a dozen inter/national organizations have already piloted this tool, and thousands of members were recruited using it in 2014. CampusDirector, the formal recruitment tool used by over 160 campuses currently, will be an important product offering from TechniPhi.

"We know that the leaders of the fraternity/sorority industry want to give the gift of Greek Life to more students," said Josh Orendi, co-owner of all three Phamily companies. "Between current Phired Up clients and partners, and the hundreds of people who already trust Innova with their business, we're proud to be directly serving over half of the campuses that host Greek Life, and over half of the inter/national organizations in the industry. We take the trust and responsibility that comes with that position very seriously. We are focused on changing the world by bringing more high quality people into fraternity/sorority life through education, coaching, marketing, and technology solutions."

To learn more about Phired Up, visit and follow @PhiredUp on Twitter.
To learn more about Innova, visit and follow @InnovaGreek on Twitter.
To learn more about TechniPhi, visit and follow @TechniPhi on Twitter.

Representatives from all three companies will be attending the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting in Nashville this week. Look for Jessica Gendron Williams, Josh Orendi, Matt Mattson, Woody Woodcock, Colleen Coffey-Melchiorre, KJ McNamara, Vince Fabra, Megan Moffett, Taylor Deer, Tina VanSteenbergen, Paul Manly, Ellen Chesnut, Megan Koontz, and David Lecko in the exhibit hall, in educational sessions, and shaking hands throughout the event. Phired Up, Innova, and TechniPhi are very proud of the relationships we have throughout the fraternal industry, and the AFA Annual Meeting is one of our favorite events of the year.

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